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HYB12S Header-Corn
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<li>151917 (B) Field Tracker/Contour Master:Yes Automatic Header Height Control:Yes Corn Head Type:Rigid Row Spacing:30 Gathering Rolls:Knife You may also contact Tony Jones at (270) 847-9486. Dealer Disclaimer: H & R Agri-Power used inventory pricing, hours, specifications and options shown are based on the original appraisal of the unit. If we discover a mistake prior to a signed sales order being executed, we reserve the right to correct said pricing, specifications, or options. Price excludes delivery, modifications, or any applicable taxes.</li><li>augerendrow: No</li><li>autoheightcontrol: Yes</li><li>choppingcapability: Non-chopping</li><li>contour: Yes</li><li>deckplates: Hydraulic</li><li>Folding: No</li><li>foreaftreel: No</li><li>Header Row Spacing: 30</li><li>LocationAddress: 1700 Nashville Rd</li><li>LocationCountry: USA</li><li>LocationPostalCode: 42276</li><li>NumRows: 12</li><li>Rolls: Knife</li><li>Row Spacing: 30</li><li>snouttype: No</li>

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